Scott Balson's trip to South Africa -
13th September 2006 - Ixopo

Perth : Johannesburg : Pretoria : Pietersburg : Pilgrim's Rest : Ladysmith : Champagne Castle : Estcourt : Durban : Ixopo
Kokstad : Port Elizabeth : Plettenburg Bay : Cape Town : Victoria West : Griquatown : Mafikeng : Johannesburg : Perth

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I left Durban and the Durban Club very disappointed in what I had found. Durban was dangerous and the Durban Manor which their guests use was below par for a tourist resort.

On the way to Ixopo visited the lion park - which was equally disappointing with several moth eaten lions sitting under the shade of a tree.

The road to Ixopo was uneventful and the route via Richmond pretty - the Barclays Bank in which I had worked over 25 years ago was now fortified, the Ixopo Hotel where I had once stayed gone and the small town very black with street vendors lining the main street.

From here things got better with Kings Grant being an excellent destination and the accommodation and food was excellent.

The Durban Club today

Road out of Durban

Disappointing Lion Park

The black shanties around Ixopo

Ixopo Freemasons

The reality of Ixopo today

My old bank -

Barclays Ixopo

The Ixopo hotel is no more

Tourist Board at Ixopo

Kings Grant


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