Scott Balson's trip to South Africa -
19th September 2006 - Victoria West

Perth : Johannesburg : Pretoria : Pietersburg : Pilgrim's Rest : Ladysmith : Champagne Castle : Estcourt : Durban : Ixopo
Kokstad : Port Elizabeth : Plettenburg Bay : Cape Town : Victoria West : Griquatown : Mafikeng : Johannesburg : Perth

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I set off from Cape Town at 7.30am and embarked on a 600km journey which took me over six hours - a journey with the highs of Karoo flowers everywhere because of the higher than average rainfall this dry region had received against the lows of numerous road repair stoppages that added over an hour to my journey to Victoria West. The work parties on the road were a joke - with inaction being the order of the day. The only workmen doing anything were those directing traffic while I saw dozens of others at all times of the day sleeping, talking, eating - doing anything but working on the road repairs.

De Oude Pastorie, the oldest building in Victoria West built in 1846 at the time the Griquas were being forced out of the region to the southeast of here (north of Philippolis).  The accommodation at De Oude Pastorie is basic but the owners have great pride in the history of their home which was built for the first priest in this region. Tomorrow I head for historic Griquatown!!

The road to nowhere


Cape Town

The N1 to Johannesburg

Beautiful Karoo flowers

Beaufort West

My turn to Kimberley

The three sisters

On the road to

Victoria West

Victoria West

De Oude Pastorie

Old buildings and churches at

Victoria West

In the Victoria West Museum

More exotic Karoo vegetation

near Victoria West

We shared this tiny (hard) bed at
the historic De Oude Pastorie.

What a night!!!

Carla and our reliable rental car

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