Pretour - flight from Perth to Johannesburg
(2nd October 2007)

This was, quite simply put, one of the longest days of my life.

Up at 8m on the 2nd...out of the Joondalup City Hotel by 10am - train to the city and shuttle bus to the international airport. The Malaysia airlines (cheap flight) included a trafnsfer from Kuala Lumpur - this left at 1.05m Perth time. And despite losing six hours on the way to Johannesburg still arrived at 5.30am - a ten hour flight! To mke matters worse seated next to me was a woman who coughed and sneezed her way right through the flight!

View from the train
on the way to Perth

Guess who our shuttle followed!

That's after midnight in the
KL departure lounge!

Here's the proof!

Another screen on the plane

Landing in Johannesburg

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