Day seventeen - Cape Town,
19th October 2007

Image right: the beautiful surroundings of Shambhala

A day of dramas! It was Michele and I last day together - I would fly to Bloemfontein early the next day and she would return to South Africa.

We got up late after a good night's sleep at Shambhala , owned by Chele's sister - just before 7am and still had  a good hour ahead of us to get to the Spier Hotel at Stellenbosch!

Well Stellenbosch was a traffic hazard with snail pace cars and long queues!

While at Spier I had visions of the Griqua National Conference waiting with Freda, the organiser, and SATV's 50/50 while I went around in ever decreasing circles up my proverbial!

The launch was supposed to start at 8.30am and at 8am I got a call from Freda asking where I was... lost!

After getting directions took the Cape Town road and went straight past the Spier turnoff as there was no sign! To cut a long story short I arrived at Spier just before 8.30am and was trawling the car park looking for my own launch when I came across Belinda with mobile to her ear. Belinda was also going to be at my launch, was also lost, and was the interviewer from SABC's 50/50!

We had a good laugh and found the venue after taking some obscure unsigned backroads of Spier... beautiful as it might be!

We were not the only ones who were lost - there was Cecil le Fleur on the mobile directing the bus bringing the Griqua choir and dancers to the spot!

Image right: Griqua Paramount Chief Alan le Fleur

I met with Alan le Fleur and several other members of the Griqua National Conference - the breakfast was superb... and waiting.

Dr Janette Deacon, an acknowledged expert in Bushman rockpaintings, who was an author of the book "Voices from the Past" and assisted Pippa Skotness in the research on her excellent book "Claim to the Country" (2007) attended the launch.

It was 9.15am before Freda started proceedings and after a lovely performance by the Griqua Roepers from Ratelgat and a lengthy speech by Louis Nel, who plays a major role in government supporting the preservation of indigenous languages like the Khoi Nama, we started breakfast at close to 10am.

We were then entertained by the fascinating Griqua dancers who performed traditional Khoi dances - SATV's 50/50 recording the dances. (SATV 2 runs 50/50 nationally on Monday nights after the 7pm news).

Then it was the turn of Cecil le Fleur to talk about the way ahead for the Griqua - he talked about the problems the indigenous peoples of the world ad had in getting recognition - and the recent treaty adopted by the United Nations giving them just this.

Image right Scott reciting the "Griqua, Children of the Mist" poem

It was after 10.30am before I had the opportunity to briefly address the guests. I was then interviewed by Belinda of 50/50 before leaving and setting off for Franschhoek.

On the way to Franschhoek I stopped at the historic Boschendal to briefly view the Africa-wide Ubuntu (indigenous people's) conference - attended by Kenneth Kaunda who was Zambia's first black leader (see below).

I had lunch at the excellent Bistro at Franschhoek then returned to Cape Town for a meeting with Charles Segal of Atlantic Nominees - he is looking after my banking in S Africa.

After a trip through Clifton it was back to Durbanville and an early night as tomorrow I fly out early to Bloemfontein.   


The Ratelgat

Griqua Choir

Cecil le Fleur and
Freda van Wyk

Paramount Chief
Alan le Fleur

Ratelgat Griqua Roepers

Louis Nel

The amazing

Griqua dancers

and their band

The Lord's Prayer in Nama

Cecil le Fleur talks

on the Griqua future

Bushman expert Dr Janette Deacon
flanked by Sam and Alan le Fleur

Scott reciting the Griqua

Griqua poem

Sam, Alan, Scott and
Max le Fleur (cameraman)

Chele with Alan le Fleur

On the road to


Historic Boschendal

The Ubuntu


On the road to Franschhoek


Chele with her mother and
stepdad at Franschhoek

Clifton near Cape Town

Chele with her sister Janine

The beautiful Shambhala


The dumb guinea fowl...

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