First day in Perth
(29th September 2007)

A day to explore Perth after visiting my mother again.

I visited Scarborough beach before travelling south to Cottesloe then to Fremantle before heading north again up the south side of the Swan river. My first stop after Fremantle was the Fremantle Cemetary and my father's crematory brick in the memorial gardens.

Then it was off to visit the infamous "Lucky Shag Bar" on the banks of the Swan river before visiting the city's most famous tourist spot - Kings Park where the flowers and views say it all in the pictures below.

Scarborough Beach

At Cottesloe Beach

Some of

the views

More of Cottesloe Beach

Could only happen in Perth

Dad's burial place

The "Lucky Shag Bar"

Kings Park

King's Park


Great spot!

Amazing flowers

War memorial

Amazing gardens

Kings Park

Kings Park

Kings Park

Kings Park

Yes Vicki colonised Oz as well

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