Launch hosted by Bookworld in
Pietermaritzburg on 10th October

After driving through Pietermaritzburg - the jacaranda city - with the beautiful tress just coming into spring blossom - I went to Cascades Shopping Centre at about 4.45pm and met with Colene Cook of Bookworld.

Image right addressing the gathering at Bookworld in Pietermaritzburg

I had no sooner set up the slide show than all the lights went out in Pietermaritzburg. Apparently the electricity grid is overburdened and the desperate state is getting worse as no money is being put towards power upgrades. Luckily the power came on about an hour later and I was able to sign fifteen books - meet several interesting people and proceed with my book launch at just after 6pm while competing with the noises of several African workers who had no idea of decorum! A most welcome visitor was Delyse Barnes who I had not seen for nearly 30 years!

After the book launch several of my friends joined me for a dinner at the Spur at Cascades.

A fabulous day capped off by an even better evening. Followed Eddie and Moira back to their home and in bed by 10pm.


Colene Cook (right) with
Bookworld staff

Myra, Eddie and Rodney

Moira, Scott and

Mark Laidlaw (well
known numismatist)

Book launch at


With friends from

Rodney, Myra, Moira
and Eddie at Spurs

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