Launch at Mary Moffat Museum in
Griquatown on 22nd October 

After breakfast I went down to the Mary Moffat Museum (image right) - a one minute drive - set up the posters and slide show with the help of Hetta Hager.

It was a very small launch with less than ten people attending but amongst those who attended were the three local Griqua chiefs - Adam Kok V (Campbell), Johannes Waterboer (Griquatown) and Pastor Ivan Beukes Secretary of the local Griqua People's Organisation.

The launch, held in the main room of the Mary Moffat Museum went very well with a reporter from the Afrikaans publication "Volksblad" asking most of the questions. I remember Volksblad (People's paper) from my days at boarding school! I spoke under the famous missionary bell and we then retired to the back room and ate cake and cool drink kindly supplied by Hetta Hager the Mary Moffat Museum's curator for the last 20 years.

I presented each of the three Griqua leaders with six copies of "Children of the Mist" for use by their community and the Mary Moffat Museum took four copies for their initial stock.

Signing books in the
Mary Moffat Museum

Pastor Ivan Beukes with picture  
of his missionary father.

Johann Waterboer with his
great grandfather
Nicholas Waterboer

Adam Kok V with his
great grandfather
Adam Kok II

Pastor Beukes, Jim de Villiers,
Reporter, Hetta Hager,
two local ladies & Waterboer

Waterboer, Beukes and Kok

Scott with the Griqua
leaders of this region

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