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Dear Scott. Well, the year is almost at an end and we are looking forward to the break.
This month we have titles by three Capetonians called Peter. That's Peter Ryan, Peter Best & Peter Steyn who are all associated with UCT in some way. How's that for a coincidence!
And now for the best part. Quote "DECGEN" in the message box with your online order and we will refund 10% of your order back to your card. Valid for December Orders.
Please note that we will be closed from midday on the 21st until the 7th of January. Online ordering will still be possible, but won't be shipped until we open again.
Best regards, Craig

New  Books

Hidden Wonders - Rael Loon; Dan Lieberman
This photographic masterpiece celebrates the forgotten inhabitants of the African savannah - insects, spiders, frogs and smaller reptiles. The main aim of this book is to showcase the superb, high-quality slide collection of the photographer, Dan Lieberman, and his tremendous patience taken in acquiring these images. In doing so, the author also highlights and describes the diversity of species and makes the smaller often overlooked creatures as exciting to observe as their big and hairy counterparts. With the quality of Dan's images of these small creatures, coupled with the author's passion for the natural world, we hope to demonstrate that observing some of the Small 5005 can be as rewarding as observing their Big 5 compatriots. The more one begins to know about these denizens of the bush, the more one begins to realise how much more there is to discover.
Softcover, 272pgs, 280x280mm
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Fifty Places to go Birding Before You Die
Birding Experts Share the World's Greatest Destinations - Chris Santella
Only 10 copies (due 14 Dec)
Some bird lovers hang feeders in their gardens and accumulate garden lists, others participate in annual 'Christmas Counts', a select few travel to the ends of the earth in an effort to see every bird in the world. Chris Santella takes the best-selling Fifty places recipe and applies it to this most popular pastime. Santella presents some of the greatest bird-watching venues in the World through interviews with prominent birders, from tour leaders and conservationists to ornithologists and academics. The interviewees include ornithologist Kenn Kaufman; David Allen Sibley,  Rose Ann Rowlett, John Fitzpatrick, and Steve McCormick. The places vary from the urban (New York City's Central Park) to the mystical (the cloud forests of Triunfo in Chiapas, Mexico) to the extremely remote (the sub-Arctic islands of New Zealand). The book includes more than 40 photographs that capture the vibrancy of our feathered friends, and the beautiful places they call home. Hardcover, 224pgs, 206x183mm 2007
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Field Guide to the Animals & Plants of Tristan da Cunha and Gough Island  - Peter Ryan
Provides a compact identification guide to the animals and plants of the Tristan da Cunha archipelago and Gough Island, with more than 400 colour photographs. As is typical of isolated, oceanic islands, the fauna and flora are not especially rich, but they are characterised by large numbers of species found nowhere else on earth. Among these are seven species of land birds, including the smallest flightless bird in the world, and four species of seabird. The islands also are home to more than 40 endemic plants and 100 invertebrates. The shallow-water marine life around the islands exhibits high levels of endemism in at least some groups, such as bivalves and seaweeds. The group includes some of the least disturbed temperate island ecosystems in the world, but they are under threat, mainly from introduced species. Softcover, 162pgs, 2007
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More details.African Dream Machines - Style, Identity and Meaning of African Headrests - Anitra Nettleton
African headrests have been moved out of the category of functional objects and into the more rarefied category of 'art' objects. Styles in African headrests are usually defined in terms of western art and archaeological discourses, but this book interrogates these definitions of style through a case study of headrests of the 'Tellem' of Mali. "African Dream Machines" questions the assumed one-to-one relationship between formal styles and ethnic identities or classifications.
It seeks to understand the significance of African headrests in relation to a number of different perspectives: the western fascination with the headrest as a synecdoche for "otherness"; their iconography in terms of subject matter (human and animal figures); and the ways in which headrests are used as support to the head of a sleeping person. Each of the many headrests discussed is illustrated in a drawing by the author Softcover, 352pgs, 245x170mm 2007
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Favoured Flies & Select Techniques of the Experts Volume 3
Malcolm Meintjes; Murray Pedder - Editors
This new volume with seventeen new writers focuses on Tigerfish, Stillwater trout, the Yellowfish species of the Western Cape and for saltwater anglers, Queenfish and Garrick (Leervis). Stillwater Trout were covered in Volume 1 but new writers have given their thoughts with overlaps and differences from the writers in Volume 1. One must acknowledge that stillwater trout fishing in South African dams is very popular and needs additional exposure. For the rest, the other species are being featured for the first time. Softcover, 197pgs 
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Whales and Dolphins of the Southern African Subregion - Peter B. Best 
Available Mid December (may not get to you before Xmas)
Provides absorbing and comprehensive accounts of the 51 cetacean species recorded from (or believed likely to occur in) the oceanic region from the equator to Antarctica, and between the longitudes of 20 W and 80 E. In these fascinating accounts, information for this region is comprehensively summarized, allowing Peter Best to give us the benefit of his extensive knowledge and of the wealth of unpublished data he has accumulated during his 40 years of studying these creatures.
Approximately 100 illustrations have been created in colour for this book by world-renowned marine mammal illustrator Pieter Folkens. Colour photographs of the living animal portray the 'jizz' of each species and specific coloration or behavioral features. The distribution maps provided for most species include actual sighting positions as well as a 'best impression' swath of colour to suggest what the range might be.Interesting facts and figures enliven this essentially scientific text, and there is an extensive bibliography of over 1,100 references. Hardcover, 352pgs, 300x230mm 2007
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Antarctic Impressions - Peter Steyn
R309.00 Now in stock!
One of South Africa's best-selling birding authors and photographers, Peter Steyn has been travelling to the Antarctic and the islands of the Southern Ocean for many years. Antarctic Impressions is a record in words and pictures of these journeys, spanning the period from his first trip to Marion Island in 1979 to a 1997 visit to the Emperor Penguin colonies on the Antarctic coast. The book covers visits to the Antarctic Peninsula, the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, Tristan da Cunha, Gough Island and other outposts of this remote region. The author's particular interest is the magnificent and prolific bird life of the Antarctic region, and this book will be certain to attract birding enthusiasts. However, there is much to offer readers interested in the exploration of the region and in the ecology of these fragile environments. Hardcover, 176pgs, 230x275mm
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Extreme Places - AA Publishing
This is a beautiful book transporting you to the highest, hottest, coldest, most dramatic and most remote places on earth. Discover the icy expanse of the Baltoro Glacier in Pakistan, the bizarre and exotic wildlife of Madagascar, the searing heat of the Australian Outback and the power of the Iguassu Falls in South America. Learn why it is 30 degrees hotter at the base of the Grand Canyon than at the top, why it has been so many years since the Atacama Desert in northern Chile last saw rain, and the reasons that make the town of Oymyakon in Yakutia in Siberia the coldest permanently inhabited town on Earth. Be inspired by the beautiful photography and engaging text to make your own trip to the far corners of the world, or simply enjoy the ride through the pages of Extreme Places. Hardcover, 224pgs, 280x230mm 2007 
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Digital SLR Handbook - John Freeman
This is the definitive practical guide to getting the most out of your digital SLR camera, written by a top working photographer. It is ideal for all keen amateur photographers and those aspiring to move over from using a traditional film SLR camera. All serious amateurs, students of photography, and professionals now aspire to a digital SLR camera. This book is aimed at them and takes readers through all the knowledge required to get the best from their digital SLR camera. All aspects of using a digital SLR camera are covered. Getting to grips with your digital SLR. How the camera interprets the scene. Photographic themes. Getting more from your digital SLR. Post-production etc. Hardcover, 256pgs, 220x188mm 2007
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Eco-Farm. An Acres U.S.A. Primer:
The definitive guide to managing farm and ranch soil fertility, crops, fertilizers, weeds and insects while avoiding dangerous chemicals.- Charles Walters
Eco-agriculture is explained - from the tiniest molecular building blocks to managing the soil - in terminology that not only makes the subject easy to learn, but vibrantly alive. Eco-Farm truly delivers a complete education in soils, crops, and weed and insect control. Chapters provide detailed discussions of trace elements, tillage, the N,P&K concept, animal health, crops, soil carbon and calcium, insects, soil life, crop rotation, and much more. This should be the first book read by everyone beginning in eco-agriculture . . . and the most shop-worn book on the shelf of the most experienced.
Softcover, 464pgs, 229x152mm 2003
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The Global Warming Survival Kit - Brian Clegg
The Must-have Guide to Overcoming Extreme Weather, Power Cuts, Food shortages. Climate change is upon us. Make no mistake: disasters such as Hurricane Katrina are the tip of a rapidly melting iceberg. While we must still press our governments to take action to mitigate the most extreme effects of global warming, it is now beyond doubt that prevention will not be enough. We clearly need to plan for the worst. But good advice is hard to come by - until now. "The Global Warming Survival Kit" includes: where to live to minimize the impact of climate change; how to get drinkable water when the taps run dry; what to eat to stay alive in town and country; and, essential survival equipment to keep ready. We can all hope that the worst scenario won't happen - but it's easier to be secure in that hope if you are well prepared. Softcover, 272pgs, 2007
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Climate Change - Melanie Jarman
This engaging guide outlines key issues in the major challenge facing national governments today - how to deal with climate change. With doom-laden forecasts of our future in the next decade, the issue's importance cannot be over-estimated. Jarman shows how countries are beginning to adapt and what other countries must do to catch up. Climate change will affect millions of lives, particularly in the poorest countries. Yet many governments are reluctant to commit to tackling the problem, prevented by political tensions and economic concerns. This guide is useful in understanding a topic that will massively impact our lives, charting the current progress of the South and seeking new solutions to this global problem. Softcover, 198pgs, 2007
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Revenge of Gaia: Why the Earth is fighting back- James Lovelock
The Revenge of Gaia and how we can still save humanity. New installment of Lovelock's writings on Gaia, in which he argues that the only way for humankind to come to terms with Gaia now, and have a chance of surviving, is to embrace science and technology, not reject them. This includes an acceptance that nuclear energy is a necessity in order to counter global warming. Hardcover, 177pgs
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Rocks, Minerals & Fossils of the World - Chris Pellant; Roger Phillips
A guide which aims to enable the collector and enthusiast to identify rocks, minerals and fossils from all over the world. The text covers collecting and conserving fossils, their major characteristics and details of where they are located. With their beauty, infinite variety and elemental link to to the distant past, rocks, minerals and fossils have always fascinated collectors and enthusiasts. In this wide ranging volume, the world's rocks, minerals and fossils are examined. In superb full-colour photographs they are shown both in close up and in the landscapes where they occur. An authoritive text describes characteristics and gives a guide to geographical locations. One of the best I have seen on the subject - Craig. Softcover, 176pgs, 292x216mm
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Mammoths: Giants of the Ice Age - Adrian Lister; Paul Bahn
A dazzling visual record of one of Earth's most extraordinary species, integrating exciting new research to piece together the story of mammoths and their relatives, icons of the ice age. Incorporating recent genetic work, new fossil finds, new extinction theories and more, Mammoths is a captivating exploration of how these mighty creatures evolved, lived and
mysteriously disappeared. The title features colour illustrations that depict mammoths in their dramatic ice age habitats, scores of photographs, and images of the art of prehistoric people who saw these animals in the flesh. Full of intriguing facts, boxed features and clear graphics, it examines the findings that including intact frozen carcasses from Siberia, and fossilized remains from South Dakota, California, England, France and elsewhere u that have provided the clues to the mammoths' geographic range, body structure, way of life and interactions with early humans. It is an enthralling story of palaeontological, archaeological and geological exploration. Hardcover, 192pgs, 276x216mm 2007 Order by form or Online

Infectious Diseases and Pathology of Reptiles: Color Atlas and Text - Elliott R. Jacobson
Special Order Only
Descriptive reports on the pathology of reptiles have been around since the mid-1800s, but until recently a single text devoted to pathogens and pathology of reptiles has been lacking. Far from the line drawings and black-and-white photos of the past, this features high-quality, full color photos of normal anatomy and histology, as well as gross, light, and electron microscopic images of pathogens and diseases.
Hardcover, 736pgs, 280x224mm 2007
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Smart Walking Stick
Is this the best Walking stick yet?  Lightweight Aluminium & over 1,2m high , Split rubber "toe" for better grip & stability. Doesn't make a noise on rocks. Hook a branch & retrieve a fly. Doesn't sink into mud as easily. Coil Lanyard so you won't lose it. Neoprene Handle is easy on the hands & doesn't slip when wet. NB!! Emergency Mode. The stick contains the following: *Lighter, firestarter & sticks for fire *Torch *Whistle *Emergency Blanket *Pocket Knife *Plasters (2 small) *Emergency rope (Has many purposes, but split your stick, add rope and you have a splint!)
Where else can you get a walking, lighting, returning, stealthy, lightweight, life saving, warming, healing, pyro-manic, whistling, cutting, stable, lengthy stick for R299.00
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Antarctica - Exploring a Fragile Eden- Jonathan Scott, Angela Scott
A comprehensive account of one of the Earth's remaining wild places by TV wildlife expert Jonathan Scott, with breathtaking images by 2002 Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Angela Scott. Best known for their African safaris, Jonathan and Angela Scott's other passion lies in their travels to Antarctica. When the sun sets at the end of a hot day in the Mara-Serengeti, they long for the austere and beautiful landscape of the Antarctic. A safari to the southern ocean offers an array of emblematic creatures - penguins, albatrosses, seals and whales. A spectacular number of birds gather in breeding colonies there each year, and whales gather in the southern oceans to feed during the Antarctic summer making it the perfect location for whale watching. "A journey to Antarctica changes your life. It forces you to take a long hard look at the state of our planet and its last wild places.Antarctica promises man the chance to do something that he has never done before - commit to the preservation of a vast wilderness, simply because it exists." Hardcover, 256 pgs, 266x236mm 2007
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African Adventurer's Guide Mozambique - Willie Olivier
To help you make the most of your trip, this guide gives detailed descriptions of the activities on offer in Mozambique, with symbols highlighting the most important activities and sightseeing options. This title also proposes self-drive routes with clear indications of the distance of the trip, road conditions and potential pit stops. Softcover, 192pgs, 213x137mm New Edition available early 2008
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Aagaard's African Adventures - Finn & Berit Aagaard
Finn Aagaard was a special man. He was a highly respected Kenya professional hunter (1967-1977) and, later, a gun expert and writer. After the hunting ban in Kenya, he and his wife of 32 years, Berit, moved to the USA where Finn became a hunting guide in Texas. Soon thereafter he became a writer for the NRA, and his opinions on guns, calibers, and African hunting gained worldwide recognition. The first part contains the complete, original manuscript of Aagaard's Africa, published in an abridged form in 1991. Berit, has expanded on Finn's hunting stories while offering new, and never-before-published material found in Finn's meticulously kept journals dating back to 1956. Together with these and the adventures recorded on CDs shortly before his death, she paints a unique picture of the man. We follow him through the bloody Mau Mau uprising; watch as he tracks after large-tusked elephant and big buffalo. This new and expanded version has more than five times the photos. Finn and Berit's humorous outlook in life is evident in the writing. A tracker once told the Aagaards he intended to vote for the same corrupt cabinet minister of Kenya as always. Asked why he would vote for a known crook, he answered "Because if a new cabinet minister wins, he will have to start stealing from us all over again!"
Slipcased Hardcover
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What Shat That: A Pocket Guide to Poop Identity - Matt Pagett
Ever paused to ponder poo? This unique book will resolve all scat squabbles and doo-doo debates. Ideal for nature lovers and backyard biologists, it is an original and authoritative survey of the substance that unites all creatures big and small. All major international species are covered, along with more wild and exotic species, while full-color photos capture each turd in all of its glory. Handy identification tips and "scat facts" run throughout the book to help you gain confidence in your poop-identification ability, and there's even a special color comparison chart for in-the-field classification. (USA Title) Softcover, 112pgs, 188x114mm 2007 
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Secrets of the Savanna
Mark James Owens; Cordelia Dykes Owens
TWENTY-THREE YEARS IN THE AFRICAN WILDERNESS UNRAVELING THE MYSTERIES OF ELEPHANTS AND PEOPLE. Crossing stick bridges over swollen rivers and battling swarms of tsetse flies, they found their way into one of the most startlingly beautiful, wild places on earth, the northern Luangwa Valley in Zambia. As they were setting up camp to launch their lion research, gunfire echoed off the cliffs nearby. Gangs of ivory poachers were not only shooting the elephants but also virtually enslaving local villagers. Against unimaginable odds, Mark and Delia stopped the poaching by helping the villagers find other work, start small businesses, and improve their health care and education. After the local ivory poachers were put out of business, they shifted their sights from the elephants to the Owenses. To save themselves, Mark and Delia took a lesson from the elephants, employing one of the last secrets of the savanna. Softcover, 256pgs, 206x137mm 2007
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Corals: Indo-Pacific Reef Guide.
Gorgonians, Soft Corals, Stony Corals, Sea Anemones - H. Erhardt ; D. Knop
Today the term Coral Reef calls to mind one of the most fascinating and varied environments on our planet. Coral reefs are formed by tiny polyps that draw lime from the seawater and shape it into cup-like habitats. Millions of these minuscule cups are joined together in rows and layers to form huge limestone structures. With more than 1000 color photographs and several captivating short stories, this book provides a breathtaking panorama of the coral world and identifies its inhabitants like gorgonians, stoloniferans, soft corals, sea pens and the popular stony corals as well as sea anemones, black and fire corals.
230x156mm, Hardcover, 306pgs 2005
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Asia Pacific Reef Guide: Malaysia, Indonesia, Palau, Philippines - Helmut Debelius
Over 1000 photographs of coral reef animals taken in their natural habitat. This volume concentrates on Pacific waters only. The geographical area of the "Asia Pacific Reef Guide" therefore includes Malaysia and Indonesia in the south, the Gulf of Thailand and the Vietnamese and Chinese coasts in the west, and in the north all islands of tropical/subtropical Japanese waters in the East China Sea. It includes pictures and information about bony fishes, crustaceans, mussels, snails, cephalopods, hydrozoans, corals, anemones, flat and segmented worms, sea urchins, squirts and sponges. 234x156mm, Hardcover, 322pgs 2001
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Nudibranchs of the World - Helmut Debelius and Rudie H Kuiter
This book sets a new benchmark for Nudibranch identification. It presents nudibranchs that have been photographed by the authors over a period of more than 30 years, along with numerous pictures by contributing diving friends and scientists around the world. 2500 photos are provided of nudibranchs in their natural environment and over 1180 species are illustrated. Information is provided on the relationships between species from different oceans; and information on behaviour (defence, camouflage and mimicry). It is a comprehensive photo-identification guide to nudibranchs of the world seas. Hardcover, 362pgs 2007
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Birds of Prey, a Kinship (Used)  H. von Michaelis
Subscribers edition of this work. xv, plus 165 pages sepia illustrations with colour plates.
Very fine copy Subscribers Edition 600 of 1500, Jacket Condition : Fine, Binding Condition : Fine
Overall Condition : Fine, Size : 220 x 310mm
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The Traditional medical practitioner in Zimbabwe:
His principles of practice and pharmacopoeia (Used) - Mambo Press 1985
Softcover, in good condition. Interior clean. Cover has rubbed corners and spine ends, some penetrating sharp dents on back cover with creasing and curling to top back edge.
rubbing. Includes: Medicine Among the American Indians FREE. Condition: Good, Comments: Softcover, Very Good Condition. Interior clean. Overall Condition: Very Good.
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Living With Big Cats - Dereck and Beverly Joubert
This intimate story is about the relationship between two passionate filmmakers and the big apex predators they have worked with. Dereck and Beverly have worked with lions in Botswana for over 25 years trying to discover as much as they can about these big cats, unraveling many myths, and unveiling new behavior to science. They struggle to adapt to the new habitat, a different pace, and a very elusive cat challenges their resolve. But when they find a leopard of 8 days old their lives change. As they follow the cub and her mother, two wild leopards in the Mombo area, a special kind of bond starts to develop between the humans and these elusive cats. Their film Eye of the Leopard tells the story of this young leopardess as she grows up. This film tells the story of the relationship that she develops with Dereck and Beverly, one that turns their lives upside down, challenges their ethics and over 25 years of working limits. It is passionately told, and in many ways a story of internal conflict, testing of boundaries and seduction...the seduction of Dereck and Beverly Joubert by a young leopard who came out of its den and into their lives. For many years viewers around the world have asked to see how the Joubert's work, a behind the scenes look at what makes a major National Geographic documentary and at last we have it in this work. 

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Chobe - Life Blood Of The Sands
One river runs through Africa's heart of sand - the giant Kalahari wilderness. One river unites five nations as it flows into the Zambezi, the Chobe. The river that led David Livingstone to the Victoria Falls. It also helps quench the thirst of Africa's largest population of elephants. Daily, the elephants are drawn to the water, and daily they have to return inland for food. A tiring and sometimes deadly cycle. Other animals run the gauntlet too, through controlled hunting areas, and the possibility of armed poachers. At the river the predators wait. All are united by the water. Join us in the dramatic flow of this river's story. Witness the great beauty and diversity the river brings as it flows through the arid sands, and discover some of its secrets.
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Wolves & Wild Dogs - 2 Pack
This is the dramatic story of two hunting packs - a newly introduced wolf pack in America's vast Yellowstone National Park, and the Madikwe wild dog pack, also newly established,in South Africa's new Madikwe Game Reserve. Filmed over a period of two and a half years, this dramatic story of the survival strategies of the two packs gives the viewer a never before seen insight into wolf and wild dog behaviour. Set against the contrasting and magnificent scenery of the snow-covered American Rockies and the vast open savannahs of Africa, the film is also a comparison and contrast of two families that used to be linked over two million years ago. What made the wolf choose the north and the snow, and the wild dog specialize in the predatorfilled plains of Africa? More than a unique view of two families and their successes and trials, it is the story of two of the most successful predators on the planet. Written and directed by Robert Waldron for Discovery's Animal Planet in Association with Southern Star, Double Pack won the award for best documentary score and sound track at the North American Music Producer's Association Awards recently.
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Birds of Japan: Photo Guide
- Tadao Shimba
Photographic Guide to the Birds of Japan and East Asia. Despite its rich avifauna and popularity with tourists, Japan has long been lacking a good English-language field guide. This new photographic guide will be the first book to cover the Japanese avifauna in English for over 25 years, and the first photoguide to the country in English. It will also include the birds of neighbouring mainland regions of eastern Asia, namely Korea, NE China and eastern Siberia. Over 520 species are illustrated with hundreds of stunning colour photographs. The text succinctly describes the key identification features and each species has a distribution map. This guide will be an essential companion for anyone visiting Japan or eastern Asia. Softcover, 504pgs, 186x126mm

Cowries & Relatives (2nd Edition) -
William Liltved
R599.00 (Reduced price)
The cowries and their relatives are among the most strikingly beautiful and enigmatic molluscs inhabiting the worlds oceans. Southern Africa, with its diverse tropical and temperate marine environments, supports an endemic fauna that is one of the richest on earth. Most previous studies concerning these two superfamilies have been limited solely to their shells, with little known about their behavior, biology, and evolutionary relationships. Cowries and their relatives of southern Africa redresses this, providing information on their external and internal structure, developmental biology and biogeography, , predation, and pertinent concerns regarding their conservation. Phenomena such as mimicry and aberrations in shell morphology, also receive attention. Hardcover, 232pgs, 292x210mm
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Top Ten Best Sellers for November !!!

  • Robert's Bird Guide
  • DVD, Jock of the Bushveld
  • Antarctic Impressions
  • Children of the Mist
  • DVD, Birds of SA Box Set
  • Pipits of Southern Africa
  • Timeless Karoo
  • B_tch Creek Nymphing
  • CD, Day of the Dead Moon: Anglo-Zulu War
  • Digital SLR Handbook

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