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"Children of the Mist, the lost tribe of South Africa"

Chlidren of the Mist was launched in October 2007. The book has been endorsed by the major S African museums and the Griqua National Council at Kranshoek. The book is destined to become the authoratitive work on the history of the Griqua people and a slightly revised version is being considered as a text book for schools across South Africa. A PDF version (sold below) can be bought directly from the Griqua National Council.

NOTE: We do not accept orders through Amazon.com even though they have taken it upon themselves to accept them with no hope of delivery. The reason? After they take their whopping 60% cut the money they pay us does not even cover postage. See links below to order the book online.

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2010 UPDATE:

Electronic PDF version available by email through the Griqua National Council (GNC) website

(The GNC represent the Griqua in South Africa and have embraced this book as their official history). Money from these orders goes direct to the GNC.

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