Ten videos taken during Scott Balson's South African Book launch (on You Tube)

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12th October 2007

Milner Snell introduces Scott Balson - Kokstad

At the launch of "Children of the Mist" and donation of fifty copies of the book to local schools.

12th October 2007

Scott Balson recites his poem "Children of the Mist" at Kokstad

Scott recited the poem at all his South African launches.

13th October 2007

Commemoration of 25th Anniversary of Kokstad Museum

Old Kokstad identity Noo Dorning talks about the old days and the early history of the Kokstad Museum.

14th October 2007

Flight down the Ongeluks Nek

Fly down the OngeluksNek and see first hand the rugged terrain the Griqua had to negotiate to enter their new "promised land" in 1860.

Voice over Scott Balson.

17th October 2007

Griqua leader, Cecil le Fleur's welcome to Scott Balson at Kranshoek

Cecil thanks Scott for his donation of fifty copies of "Children of the Mist" to the Griqua library at Kranshoek.

17th October 2007

Griqua Choir at Kranshoek

The Griqua choir sing at the special event organised to commemorate the launch of "Children of the Mist"

17th October 2007

Griqua Anthem - Kranshoek

At Scott's request the Griqua Choir and leaders of the Griqua National Council, including Paramount Chief Alan le Fleur, sing the Griqua National Anthem.

23rd October 2007

Mining semi-precious tigers eye at Griquatown, South Africa

The rudimentary manner in which the miners extract tigerseye from the ground has got to be seen to be believed!

23rd October 2007

Hardcastle - the historic Griqua settlement

It was here that the "Bastards" first settled north of the Orange river in the late 1700s early 1800s - a remote, previously overlooked historic location settled before Klaarwater - Griquatown.

23rd October 2007

On top of the water tank at Griquatown

Scott takes on his own demons to climb this rickety old structure and film the settlement of Griquatown from its lofty heights.

25th October 2007

Bloemontein launch of Griqua Book "Children of the Mist"

On his way back to Johannesburg and a flight back to Australia Scott stops off at Bloemfontein to launch his book there. The extraordinarily insightful speech by a local Griqua spokesman thanking Scott is captured on film.

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