The trap - Pierre Henri Nortje exposed as a research fraud (and he now admits it)

The ongoing idiocy and braven stupidity of P H Nortje never fails to surprise Balson, but he outdid himself in late November 2016 when Nortje says in this post on BidorBuy:


The post was supposed to suggest that Balson made other unidentified (and irrelevant) typos on his web page at this link. And Balson did. The implied assertion is that Balson did not have his facts right. Balson's edits identified by Nortje in this latest post were latent, hidden, irrelevant but important in the event his use of the two key doctored words (crossed out in the screen dump below) were challenged by Nortje. (This has never happened and will never happen now). It is important to note Balson was the first to expose his preset trap when responding to Nortje's rubbish.

Nortje very kindly exposes these minor grammatical changes between Balson's transcript and what Helm wrote in Schoeman's book. Nortje's stupidity is awesome. Balson is gob smacked! This is why.

This is a screen dump from Nortje's "award winning PDF" and Balson's response (see page four of the PDF linked here) where he fraudulently quotes Schoeman's book as his source at the end of his PDF. (He had never even read it):

Look at the underlined words clearly taken from the transcript Balson edited when he learnt Nortje was going to challenge his research ("a year" should be "an year" and "cheap rate" should be "cheap a rate"). These deliberate minor errors are identified by Nortje himself in his post above - yet are used in his PDF. The key words (crossed out) are also taken directly from a cut and paste by Nortje when compiling "his" research on the Griquatown tokens and corrected as part of Balson's response. These two key plagiarising errors by Nortje were first identified by Balson in early 2016.

The minor errors in Balson's transcript remain now that Nortje has exposed his research fraud in his own post and in his own words.

Yet this idiot scores an award from the National Numismatic Society (it is not a national body just a club based in that city) in Johannesburg for his research fraud? Go figure!

Like its misleading name the Secretary, Brian Hern, is a big part of this complete disgrace exposed here.

In conclusion you can argue as long as you want about whether the edits by Balson were deliberate or not the fact remains that Nortje without any doubt plagiarised from Balson's online research linked above then claimed his source as Schoeman's book. Nortje has been exposed for what he is - a fraud.

The reference to "preaches" is in the line before Nortje's cut an paste from Balson's page transcribing Schoeman's book - thus it is not in the screen dump above.

Here is a scan of page 133 of Schoeman's book "The Mission of Griquatown 1801-1821" that confirms the words "greatest" and "disposed" were used - NOT "greater" and "dispersed" (You will also see the other three deliberate minor edits Balson kept his powder dry about now exposed by Nortje in his post above!)

For the full story take this link